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SysToMath Tool Aids C++ Library

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Detailed Description

SysToMath Tool Aids C++ Library (stmtoolaids).

The SysToMath Tool Aids C++ Library consists of several library objects providing various macros, functions, function templates, classes and class templates facilitating some tool related computational tasks.


file  toolaids.hpp
 Central include file for SysToMath Tool Aids C++ library.


 BinMsg: Abstract Binary Message Model
 Collection of some abstract binary message model related utilities.
 CtAids: ClearCase cleartool Aids
 Collection of some ClearCase cleartool related utilities.
 DspMsg: DSP Message Model
 Collection of some DSP message model related utilities.
 LvdsPacket: LVDS Packet Model
 Collection of some LVDS Packet model related utilities.
 McBspMsg: McBSP Message Model
 Collection of some McBSP message model related utilities.
 MsgTimestamp: Message Timestamp Model
 Collection of some message timestamp model related utilities.
 PrintkBinMsg: PrintkBin Message Model
 Collection of some PrintkBin message model related utilities.

© Copyright Tom Michaelis 2002-2007

Distributed under the SysToMath Software License (See the accompanying file license.txt or a copy at www.SysToMath.com).